Is It Time to Switch Your Mechanic?

Mechanics are a lot like doctors—no one ever thinks about making a switch until something goes wrong.

The problem is, in a plane, when something does go wrong, it’s often too late to do anything about it.

At Ventura, our mechanics and maintenance crews are keenly aware of this reality which is why they do their utmost to deliver predictability, utility, and safety above all.

How can you possibly choose the right mechanic?
  • There are so many options to choose from which can be overwhelming.
  • Some shops are way too expensive and the bills vary greatly from their estimates.
  • Many shops don’t deliver on time as promised.
  • They may charge you for extra maintenance or parts that you didn’t even need.

Your Search For The Best Aircraft Maintenance Ends Now

35+ Years of Experience

Your trust and confidence are everything when it comes to aircraft maintenance. Our history speaks for itself.


Everything You Need In One Place

Moving your plane from shop to shop is a hassle. Ventura simplifies your aircraft ownership experience by offering the most diverse capabilities under one roof so you don’t need to manage multiple shops and mechanics.


Quality Customer and Aircraft Service

You want your plane fixed right but you also wanted to be treated well along the way. We pride ourselves in giving you a first class customer experience. We’re reachable, responsive and able to give advice.


Total Billing Transparency

We know you can stand lack of transparency in quoting and billing. We present detailed quotes up front so there’s no surprises. Every minute we work on your plane is tracked electronically and charged at the actual time. No padded numbers and mechanics scribbling notes on a paper pad.


Expert Troubleshooting – Saving You Money and Time

Wasting money on unnecessary parts and chasing problems can cause your bill to be excessive. We are expert troubleshooters. Getting to the root of the problem fast and accurately, saves you money. Many shops just replace everything with new parts when are they aren’t sure of the source of the problem. Anyone can fix a plane, but knowing what to do, when you need to buy new parts and when you can used overhauled or used parts, knowing when it would be less expensive to upgrade, that’s extremely valuable.


24/7 and Mobile Maintenance

You’ve probably had a breakdown in the least convenient location or after normal business hours, after all, that’s when you often fly. We have 24/7 service available and mobile support. We’ll fly to you to fix your aircraft.

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Ventura's World-Class Aircraft Maintenance Services

Aircraft We Work On:

We work on all models of aircraft with a focus on piston singles, piston twins, turboprops, light jets, and midsize jets. Here is a brief list of the aircraft we typically service.

*The bolded aircraft are the planes in which we have specific expertise and/or a large parts inventory.

    • Beechcraft
      • Bonanza 33, 35, 36
      • Baron 55, 58, 58P, 58TC
      • King Airs
      • PT6 Repair Certified
      • All models
    • Bombardier
      • Challenger 600, 601, 604
    • Cessna
      • All Piston
        • 150, 152, 172, 182, 206, 210
        • 310, 340, 414, 421
      • All Turboprop
      • Light Jet Citations
    • Cirrus
      • SR20
      • SR22
    • Diamond
      • DA20
      • DA40
      • DA42
    • Eclipse
      • Eclipse 500
    • Falcon
      • Falcon 10, 50, 900
    • Hawker
      • Hawker 700/800 Series
    • Learjet
      • Lear 23, 24, 25
      • Lear 31, 35, 36
      • Lear 55
      • Lear 60
      • For Learjets, we specialize in all inspections including 12 Year and 12,000 hour Inspections
    • Mooney (Certified Service Center)
      • All Mooney Models
      • M20C, M20F, M20J – 201, M20K – 231/252/Encore, M20M Bravo, M20R Ovation, M20S Eagle, M20TN Acclaim
    • Piper
      • PA-28 Warrior/Archer/Dakota/Arrow
      • PA-31 Mojave/Navajo/Chieftan
      • PA-32 Cherokee 6/Saratoga/Lance
      • PA-34 Seneca
      • PA-42 Cheyenne
      • PA-46 Malibu, Mirage, Meridian, Matrix
      • All models

Our Aircraft Maintenance Capabilities:

We can handle most any maintenance task on your plane. Here is a list of some of the projects we handle in house.

    • Inspections:
      • Annual Inspections
      • 100 Hours
      • Phase Inspections
      • 2 Year IFR and VFR Certifications (Pitot-Static) 91.411 & 91.413
      • Aircraft Weighing
      • Specialty in Learjet Inspections
        • 12,000 Hour Inspections
        • 12-Year Inspections
        • Cable Changes
        • A B C D
    • Nitrogen and Oxygen Service
    • Tire Replacements
    • Interior Refurbishment
    • Piston Engine Overhauls & Repairs
      • Cylinder Replacements
      • Magneto Repairs
      • Sudden Stoppage Inspections
    • Engine Installations – Turbine and Piston
    • Thrust Reverser Inspections and Overhauls
    • Dynamic Propeller Balancing
    • PT6 Certified
    • Certified Avionics Installations and Repair
      • Garmin
      • Avidyne
      • Aspen Avionics
      • S-TEC
      • Bendix/King
      • And most other major avionics brands


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