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History of Ventura and the Tarascio Family

“Our mission has been the same for over three decades: to inspire you to ask what is possible and to enable you to live your most extraordinary life.”

– Nick Tarascio, CEO

This isn’t your typical family run business. At Ventura, this is our passion.

There usually comes a point when most people get fed up with the typical airline experience. What was once enjoyable is now stressful, inefficient and invasive. Long security lines, hidden fees and unreliable service are now the norm.

Private charter companies had a chance to be turn the airline industry upside down but now, they look just like the industry they set out to change. Membership benefits constantly change (for the worse). Private flights are never really private. The perks offered upfront all of a sudden start coming with hidden fees. Some even make you sign a non-disclosure agreement before you can become a member.

It’s a mess. But it doesn’t have to be.

At Ventura, we have been providing charter, sales and aircraft maintenance services for more than 60 years. Why? Because we love what we do. You won’t find our executive team in suits, spending our days up in an ivory tower because most days, we’re up in the sky and or on the shop floor. We’re spending time with our valued clients. We’re flying across the world to secure a plane for one of our buyers. Or we’re helping aircraft owners get their planes serviced safely and efficiently.

Our commitment is to each one of our clients because to us, they’re family.

Don’t take our word for it though. Experience it for yourself.

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Our Culture and Core Values

We believe building a great company culture is not an accident. Our Core Values have been the primary guide in growing our team, defining strategies and building our brand.

These are the six core values that we live by:

  1. Support One Another – Inspire, challenge, and support one another in being our best. Hold others accountable.
  2. Fun – Be positive. Be enthusiastic. Have fun and celebrate our achievements.
  3. Speak Up! – Voice constructive suggestions and concerns. Never assume the issue is known. It is your right and responsibility to say, “How can we” instead of “we can’t.”
  4. Care Deeply – Put yourself in others’ shoes. Be Respectful. Be Present. Ask “Why” and Listen.
  5. Do Your Best – Take pride in your work. Own it and follow-through. Be resourceful and ask for help when you need it.
  6. Constant Never-Ending Improvement – Embrace feedback. Take action to learn and improve yourself and the company everyday.

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