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Welcome to Ventura Flight Training

Are you an avid lover of adventures searching for your next endeavor?

Has being a pilot been your dream ever since you were a child?

Do you want to acquire valuable skills and be more effective with your time?

Yes, Tell Me More

A New Way Of Living

We know how you feel. Something inside you tells you there’s more to life than 9-5 jobs and following paths that were predetermined for you. You do want to try something else, but you feel like the odds are against you or that you don’t have the time or money it would require.

Wrong! If the dream of flying is alive within you, all the rest are merely obstacles you need to overcome; and that’s what Ventura Flight Training is here for.

Yes, I Want To Fly!

Who Are We?

We are a family of aviators who have helped thousands of people, just like you, to overcome these obstacles and earn their wings.

By taking our lessons, you will be joining a large community and an elite group of pilots that will support you in achieving your goals.

There are many reasons why Ventura Flight Training is the best choice you can make for your flying lessons.

Earn Your License And Fulfill Your Passion.

With the help of a specific training syllabus and a flexible schedule that is based solely on your needs and the frequency that you like to fly, we offer you all the necessary tools that will help you succeed in earning your pilot’s license!

Be Part Of A Loyal Community

Join a world class community that is unlike any other! Make new friends, get tips, advice and inspiration, and share your life’s best experiences and adventures as a pilot!

Obtain New Valuable Skills

Learn how to effectively manage your time, practice your self-discipline and find out what you’re capable of – because to us, learning to fly is way more than simply earning a pilot’s license; it’s a life-long journey to self-discovery!