Private Jet Charter Cost: How much does it cost to charter a jet?

Private jet charter cost can vary depending on:

Aircraft type factor for private charter cost
The aircraft type
The route
The distance
The number of passengers

and Many other factors.

When you consider those factors plus many others, hourly rates can go from $1200 – $10,000 per flight hour.

This article will give you some cost ranges based on the aircraft type and size. Then we’ll look at the 12 factors that could affect your total charter cost. Finally, we’ll show you how to find the best charter prices.

The cost to charter a private jet

Helicopter smallest aircraft = lowest cost to charter


A Helicopter is considered the smallest aircraft size. A
typical helicopter, such as the Bell 206 has:

Capacity for 3-5 passengers
A flight distance of up to 368 miles
Cruise speed of 120 MPH
A cost of $1200 – $1800 per hour


A common Turboprop is the King Air 200. These
can typically:

Carry 6-8 passengers
Fly up to 1500 miles
Cruise speed of 350 MPH
Cost $1800 – $2200 per hour

Light Jet

Learjet 35/45/75, Citation CJ Series, Hawker
400XP, and Phenom 300 are common aircraft that
are considered “Light” in size. These can typically:

Carry 6-8 passengers
Fly up to 2000 miles
Cruise speed of 500 MPH
A cost of $2100- $2800 per hour


Learjet 55 / 60 / 60XR, Citation XL/XLS, Hawker
800XP / 850XP / 900XP, and Gulfstream 150 are
common aircraft that are considered “Mid-size” in
size. These can typically:

Carry 7-9 passengers
Fly up to 2500 miles
Cruise speed of 500 MPH
Cost $3000 – $4500 per hour

Super Mid-Size

Citation Latitude, Challenger 300 / 350, Citation
X / Sovereign, Falcon 50EX, Gulfstream 200 / 280,
and Legacy 450 / 500 are common aircraft that
are considered “Super mid-size” in size. These can

Carry 8-9 passengers
Fly up to 3600 miles
Cruise speed of 513 MPH
A cost of $3000 – $5000 per hour


Challenger 604 / 605, Falcon 900 / 2000EX,
Gulfstream IV / IVSP / 450 / 400, and Legacy 600
are common aircraft that are considered “Heavy” in
size. These can typically:

Carry 9-16 passengers
Fly up to 4500 miles
Cruise speed of 515 MPH
Cost $4500 – $7000 per hour

Ultra Long Range

Falcon 7X, Gulfstream V / 550 / 650, and Global
are common aircraft that are considered “Ultra
Long Range” in size. These can typically:

Carry 12-17 passengers
Fly up to 7500 miles
Cruise speed of 562 MPH
A cost of $8000 – $10000 per hour

12 private jet charter cost
factors to consider


Your mission:

What you pay to charter a private jet will depend on what your mission is. Everything about your flight—
from the number of people and the distance to how far out you’ve planned your flight in advance—are all part of the

Your distance:

To fly you and your spouse on a standard commercial flight from New York to Boston for a weekend trip
will often cost you more than flying from New York to Las Vegas. Charter flights are priced differently than airlines.
Airlines price based on the popularity of the route whereas charter flights price based on the distance.

Your cabin preferences:

Every cabin preference that you want—from catering on the plane to Wifi—may affect your

The airport:

The airport you fly out of may add to your cost as well. For example, you’ll pay a premium to fly out of JFK in New York than if you were to fly out of Farmingdale, Morristown, or one of the other secondary airports. In some cases, the difference is a 20-minute drive to these secondary airports but you can save thousands of dollars in fees.
Insider Tip: Tell your charter broker the airport you want to go to AND the address of the place, so they can look for secondary airports you can fly out of.

The weather conditions:

You may need to pay for de-icing the plane if you’re heading to a winter destination. Plus, for
hangaring the plane if you’re overnighting in a snowy region.

Mission duration:

You may need to pay for overnight fees to park the airplane and put the pilots up in a hotel room if
you plan on staying overnight. So, the length of your trip is another a cost factor to consider.

Plane origin:

It may also cost more depending on where the plane is originating from. If your plane isn't starting from
where you are, then you might need to pay "repositioning" fees. If you can charter a plane that starts where you are or at
the airport that you're departing from—that's going to save you money because the plane won’t need to reposition itself.

Insider Tip: Ask your charter broker/operator if there are planes available near you or where you’re departing from and if
that lowers the cost of your charter flight.


Age of plane:

It’ll cost more to charter a newer plane than an older plane. If safety is the reason you want a newer
plane vs. an older plane, check out how much a private jet costs where an MIT study found zero correlation between the
age of a plane and the safety record.

International flying:

If you fly international, you may need to pay international fees (such as entry and customs fees).

Peak travel days:

Flying on holidays (and peak travel days) may cost you more due to increased demands.

Insider Tip: Similar to the airlines, charter prices are negotiable. If you want to get a good deal, negotiate during non-peak
travel times where the demand is low.


Fuel prices:

The biggest cost of chartering a jet will be your fuel costs. Sometimes, you can save a few hundred
dollars in fuel if you’re flexible on your terminal. For example, different airports charge different prices for fuel. So always
ask your flight broker which airport and terminals have the cheapest fuel prices. If going to another terminal saves you $1
per gallon and the plane burns 300 gallons per hour — that's $300 an hour that you're saving.

Aircraft model:

The make and model of the aircraft may affect your cost. Sometimes you may get a better price on a
newer, more efficient aircraft than an older less efficient aircraft.

That’s a summary of the cost factors you want to consider when you’re trying to figure out what it’ll cost you to charter a plane.

The most important thing to finding great charter prices is finding a charter broker who understands all your needs—and can compare all the factors we’ve listed above to find you the best deals for your mission.

The second most important thing is your flexibility—because being more flexible gives you more charter deals to choose from.

How to find the best charter deals

If chartering a private jet is outside your budget, less expensive alternatives are empty leg flights. These are last minute private jet deals that are less expensive than chartering a private jet, but you still get the comfort and luxury of a charter jet. If you like to dig for deals, check out empty leg flights.

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